The Ultimate Essential Oil Summer Party Guide eBook

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Learn how to host the Ultimate Summer Party 

What’s better than essential oil flashcards?? An ebook! And cookies...but we can’t give you those because we’ve eaten them all.

This step-by-step guide is foolproof to make you the talk of the town. Plus, it's easy to print out and use as you prepare for your next party or share with your team:  

Here is what to expect in this guide:

  • The Five “W’s” to ask yourself before you host your party
  • Theme ideas for Summer Parties
  • List of party supplies and links for suggested suppliers
  • Snack ideas and links for suggested suppliers
  • 5 essential oil cocktail (or mocktail, if you wish) recipes
  • Game ideas that you can use with our flashcards
  • More Oil Games to play at your party
  • Conversation starter questions
  • Our favorite Spotify party music playlists
  • Links to other awesome sites to give you even more information and inspiration


Format: PDF so you can easily write notes and use the checklists. 

(Only one copy of the eBook per person)

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