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Essential Oil Flashcards Inspired by doTERRA Blends (RING INCLUDED)

Essential Oil Flashcards Inspired by doTERRA Blends (RING INCLUDED)


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Essential Oil Flashcards Inspired by DoTerra's Oil Blends! 

These beautiful and fun cards are an extension of your current deck of Essential Oil Flashcards inspired by DoTerraEach deck includes the 28 Doterra blends that can go wherever your oils go - making it easy to share with your friends, family, a fellow yogi or some random stranger on the street.


  • Name of the essential oil
  • A pithy saying to help you remember how to use them
  • Colors that match the color of your essential oil bottle 


    • 3-4 benefits of each oil. These are written in a way that allows you to use them in a class or sales setting. We wanted them to be as FDA friendly as possible so that you can use them in group settings without any worries. The copy is inspired by DoTerra's website and other related educational sources. 
    • Symbols to easily show how you can use the oils (topically, internally, with your diffuser, etc.) 
    • A dandy disclaimer (yay, disclaimers 😉 )

    What oils are included?

    Anti-Aging Blend, Blend for Women, Centering Blend, Cleansing Blend, Detoxification Blend, Digestive Blend, Enlightening Blend, Focus Blend, Grounding Blend, Invigorating Blend, Joyful Blend, Massage Blend, Metabolic Blend, Outdoor Blend, Protective Blend, Respiratory Blend, Restful Blend, Soothing Blend, Steadying Blend, Tension Blend, Topical Blend, Women's Monthly Blend, Uplifting Blend, Comforting Blend, Renewing Blend, Encouraging Blend, Inspiring Blend, Reassuring Blend
    Note: Because of trademarks, we're using Doterra's secondary name for each of the cards for blends. You can see the related bottle or their website for the primary name of each blend.

    What's new about them??

    • 2017 Doterra Convention Blends are now included!
    • Each card is laminated for durability, oil protection and because it feels so nice. 
    • The colors match the colors of your Dōterra oil bottles
    • The cards measure 3.25x3.25" so they're easy to hold and throw in your bag.
    • For funzies, we gave you a few game ideas for your next class or party. 


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      Essential oils should be simple and fun, right?

      Learning about essential oils doesn't have to be boring...

      We designed all of your new cards to have catchy phrases that are easier to remember and with portability in mind so they can easily fit in your essential oil pouch and travel with you when you need it.

      We love making sure your essential oils are fun and enjoyable as well as useful and educational.

      Yea, yea. But does anyone even like them?

      We're big fans of our fans!

      Here are a few nice things people said about us... you guys are the bestest. (oh and there's a lot more reviews below that you can check out too)

      Liz H. - Quick and easy! That's what she said...
      In all seriousness, I love that these cards are basically dummy proof. They cover ALL the essential oils from dōTERRA and let you know whether its safe for aromatic, topical or internal usage. Definitely great for quick references.

      Danelle S. - Doterra cards
      Can't wait to have a party and use my new cards. What a fun way to learn and love oils. Can't wait till I get the emotion ones. Thank you for such a great product and idea.

      Bonnie S. - Great Product Idea
      I just started using doTerra essential oils and hope to sell once I become more knowledgeable. These perfectly sized cards are helping me achieve this goal. Colors are great and useful info in cards and a pithy slogan as well. Looking to get another set soon.

      Courtney C. - Love the cards!
      These cards are educational, clever, fun and beautiful!



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        Hey we get it, we buy everything on Amazon.

        But... we're still just two girls trying to learn how to own a business so we're just a tad bit slower than Amazon. But we make up for it in pep! 

        Here's how it works:

        1. You read this page. Then after anguishing for 15 minutes of whether or not these flashcards will give you the secrets to unlock oil mastery...You might decide to Rita ain't got nothing on you and you place your order.
        2. Based on your shipping, you should get your cards within 3-5 business days from when she drops them off in the mail
        3. You'll then open your cards to rays of sunshine and love filled with color, humor and fun
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        Types of shipping: We primarily ship USPS to help save you the $$. 

        We send out your cards in a very nice padded envelope that guess what... you get to keep! (for what, we have no idea)

        Usually your cards will arrive about 1-2 weeks from ordering them depending on where you're from. We've even shipped to Australia, but we have no idea how long it takes to go across the Ocean!

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        If I have any questions, how can I get in touch with you guys?

        We're just one email away!

        If you have any trouble or confusion at all with your cards we really, really want to know. It's our first time trying to do this and we know that the only way to really help people is if you become our biggest fan. You can email us anytime at

        We try our best to live by the golden rule and we'll always do our best to figure out how we can be a great friend to you!

        Thanks again for all your support for us, we're really happy you checked us out!
        Happy Oiling - Hallie & Kaley from Everything But Oils


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          Valerie S.
          United States


          I love these cards!! It gives such a quick reference to the oils and it’s easy to thumb through.

          Victoria T.
          United States

          Haven't received them!

          I ordered last month but haven't received. Can you please send me the tracking information?

          Bobbie J.
          United States

          Love them!

          So easy to use.

          Tenisha R.
          United States

          LOVE IT

          These flash cards are amazing! Perfect on educating my clients of what I’m putting on them!

          Sarah D.
          United States

          Handy and fun!

          The cards have their own personality with fun sayings. They are easy to use once you match up the name to the subname of the doterra oil. My patients love them!