doTERRA Inspired A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10pk) – Everything But Oils
doTERRA Inspired A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10pk)

doTERRA Inspired A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide (10pk)

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The NEW A-Z Essential Oil Usage Guide

Use the A-Z Oil Usage Guide to quickly identify which essential oil or oil blend works best for over 200 common ailments. 

For every ailment listed, this compact oil guide provides you with a list of several different oils that you can use.

The first oil listed is generally the most popular remedy for that ailment; however, you can use any of the other oils listed or even combine them to make an oil blend. 

How to Use the A-Z Oil Guide

First, look up the ailment. Next, choose from a list of essential oils and oil blends.

The guide will provide you with a brief description of how to use each oil -- whether it's meant to be used topically, internally or aromatically.

Remember, essential oils are concentrated and thus using small amounts more frequently is the most beneficial. 

Why You Need the A-Z Guide

The A-Z Guide is the perfect resource and will fit right into your purse for quick tips not only for yourself, but for others too. 

Ready to find the best solution for you?

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