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AromaTouch n' Go

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The Aroma Touch n’ Go is the perfect aromatherapy accessory to keep your massage and carrier oils within reach.

This belt holds all of the 8 essential oils used for Aroma Touch technique, as well as a carrier oil of your choice. Whether you’re new to essential oils or a professional aromatherapist, your Aroma Touch n’ Go belt will keep everything you need organized and handy.

Your AromaTouch belt will make it easy to take your AromaTouch practice wherever you go. With a concealed belt and simple zipper, it only takes a second to pack up your oils and get out the door. Use this AromaTouch accessory in your home or with friends and family as you use massage techniques to improve other people’s overall well being. As you provide aromatherapy relief or teach an AromaTouch class, this belt will keep your oils close and your hands free. Oil Life’s Aroma Touch n’ Go allows for easy access to your essential oils for AromaTouch therapy.