Why two girls decided to start "Everything But Oils"

Behind every idea is a couple of friends and a cup of coffee.   

It all started when we moved to Nashville around the same time in 2015. We quickly became friends and are both really obsessed with health and natural wellness. Kaley quickly taught me about the benefits of essential oils (and let me smell all the bottles!) It didn't take long to convince me to buy my first kit.

When the kit arrived, I was really excited, but I had no idea where to start. So I'd use them every now and then, but I found all the possibilities with oils overwhelming. I was sharing this challenge with Kaley and that's how it all started. We knew there needed to be a simple, fun way to learn about oils. We wanted to ditch the textbook descriptions and make them laugh out loud fun. 

And we truly hope you get that from your cards. We hope you use them to teach yourself and others, play games with friends and use them to share essential oils with the world. 

All the best,




Passionate about essential oils, natural health and wellness and is obsessed with non-toxic beauty products! You will most likely find her in Whole Foods, as it is her favorite store. Kaley resides in the Greater Nashville area with her hubby and three fur-babies. Yes, you read that right... three... (She knows she's crazy.) Kaley loves eating Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies and sipping on Almond Milk Lattes. Come on, what wannabe hippy wouldn't? 




Wannabe hipster living in the Greater Nashville area. Specializes in setting off the fire alarm while cooking, heated blankets in the summertime and making plans to buy her first dog after paying off student debt. He doesn't know it yet, but his name is Waffles.