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The Oil Builders EP2: Ashley Madrigal Jewelry

Meet Ashley. 

Episode 2 of The Oil Builders

Ashley Madrigal has been handcrafting essential oil diffuser jewelry almost as soon as she learned about oils in 2015. Listen to our real conversation to learn Ashley's story. We talk about how we define success and share some of the hurdles we have overcome in the oil world. Ashley gives some wonderful tips to help you grow as an oil entrepreneur. 


Connect with Ashley

Instagram: @ashleymadrigaljewelry
Business: AshleyMadrigal



About Ashley Madrigal Jewelry

As long as I can remember I’ve had a deep love and appreciation for design, fashion, and all the pretty things. I was an indoor kid who spent many hours on the computer teaching myself graphic design, Photoshop, and other random creative things uncommon to most children. Fashion was always an influence in my life so much so that I pursued it in college and graduated with a degree in Merchandising from the University of North Texas. During my time there I spent three weeks in Hong Kong and southern China immersing myself in apparel manufacturing, retail appointments, art museums, and the culture. After a series of life events I decided that those years were just a chapter in my life and that it was time to move on to more “adult-like” things.

I married, had children, and then essential oils. 

Those sweet precious bottles of plant magic entered my life and changed everything. 

Early 2015 I discovered essential oils and their many beneficial uses. I stockpiled all the oils, ditched and switched, and looked into every possible way to incorporate them in my life. I loved the idea of diffuser jewelry and after endless Google searches, I couldn’t find that perfect piece of jewelry to diffuse oil on. There were lockets, and clay, and leather, and felt but still not the one for me. 

During that time I felt the creative dream start to stir in my heart again and knew the Lord was prompting me to step out and start something creative. I listened and I used every piece of knowledge I had acquired as a child and college student and watched it all come full circle to merge into one beautifully creative story. 

So now I dream again, I create again, and I make what I believe to be the most unique essential oil diffuser jewelry on the market. When you shop here my hope is that you will feel beautiful, have a renewed sense of confidence, and that doors of opportunity would open up for you to share your love for essential oils with those in your own realm of influence wherever that may be in the world.



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